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Library - Cisco Commands

Find interface description

  • enable
  • show interface description

    Interface                      Status         Protocol Description
    Vl1                            admin down     down
    Vl4020                         up             up
    Fa0/1                          up             up       job3-eth1
    Fa0/2                          up             up       job4-eth1
    Fa0/3                          up             up       log2-eth1
    Fa0/4                          up             up       sql2-eth1
    Fa0/5                          up             up       policy2-eth1

  • enable
  • show interface Fa0/26 status

    #show interfaces Fa0/26 status
    Port      Name               Status       Vlan       Duplex  Speed Type
    Fa0/26    eth1               connected    trunk      a-full  a-100 10/100BaseTX
  • show interface Fa0/26 switchport

    Name: Fa0/26
    Switchport: Enabled
    Administrative Mode: trunk
    Operational Mode: trunk
    Administrative Trunking Encapsulation: dot1q
    Operational Trunking Encapsulation: dot1q
    Negotiation of Trunking: On
    Access Mode VLAN: 1 (default)
    Trunking Native Mode VLAN: 1 (default)
    Administrative Native VLAN tagging: enabled
    Voice VLAN: none
    Administrative private-vlan host-association: none
    Administrative private-vlan mapping: none
    Administrative private-vlan trunk native VLAN: none
    Administrative private-vlan trunk Native VLAN tagging: enabled
    Administrative private-vlan trunk encapsulation: dot1q
    Administrative private-vlan trunk normal VLANs: none
    Administrative private-vlan trunk associations: none
    Administrative private-vlan trunk mappings: none
    Operational private-vlan: none
    Trunking VLANs Enabled: 2,4020-4023
    Pruning VLANs Enabled: 2-1001
    Capture Mode Disabled
    Capture VLANs Allowed: ALL

Create VLAN

  • en
  • conf t
  • vlan vlan id
  • name vlan-id name
  • end

Assign Interface to a VLAN

  • en
  • conf t
  • interface Fa0/1
  • switchport mode access (port will be connecto to single host)
  • switchport access vlan vlan-id
  • description description name
  • no shut (make the interface active)

Assign IP address to a switch

  • enable
  • conf t
  • interface vlan vlan-id
  • ip address ip-address subnet-mask
  • end

Assign default gateway to a switch

  • enable
  • conf t
  • ip defatult-gateway ip-address
  • end

Assign DNS server IP to a switch

  • enable
  • conf t
  • interface vlan vlan-id
  • ip address ip-adress subnet-mask
  • end

Disable DNS resolution

  • enable
  • conf t
  • no ip domain-lookup

Configure telnet password

  • enable
  • conf t
  • line vty 0 (choose any number)
  • password password
  • login
  • end

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